Thursday, June 15, 2006

The olde dancin' fool makes a fool of herself again at Makor

Monday, June 12, 2006—What a way to spend my 29th wedding anniversary. But my husband was already threatening to divorce me if I missed yet another Ulpan class—"Do you want to learn Hebrew or don't you?!!" So, with the two of us agreeing to go out and celebrate together this coming weekend, I went my way and he went his (to an Israeli folk dancing session, now that the semester is over and he's no longer teaching on Monday evenings). Which means that I showed up at the Girls' Night On (a performance by and for women only) at Makor almost an hour and a half late. Eek! But organizer Leslie Ginsparg was kind enough to save a performance slot for me toward the end of the second "act."

I'm always afraid I'm going to break my neck when I'm onstage at Makor because I'm not allowed to move any of the equipment, and I'm dancing around the microphones, amps, music stands, and the occasional guitar stand, complete with guitar. Consequently, I do feel a bit constrained, and I think that probably showed up in this last performance. Even so, dancing at Girls' Night On is a kick, because the audience is so appreciative. I'm just not used to having literally screaming fans. :) It's a great ego boost to have so many women approach me afterward and tell me they enjoyed my performance. Fortunately, the audience is very forgiving, too: Dancing to Shlock Rock's "B'yado," by Lenny Solomon, I completely botched my own choreography to roughly the last 16 beats of Lenny's piano solo, not to mention the eight beats thereafter. Luckily, I got back in step before the end of the dance.

But you should have seen the other dancer. Wow, she really knows how to dance!!!

Speaking of which, since I'm incapable of standing still when someone's rockin' out onstage, I was having such a grand time dancing my feet off in the back of the room to a pair of rock singers that I ended up dancing with a couple of the other women, one of whom happens to work for the same organization that employs yours truly. We were joking that, if my boss ever caught us dancing away like that, he'd have a heart attack! :) And this was before my performance! I guess it was a good warm-up exercise. :)

A big shout-out to Tzipporah, who introduced herself to me after the show, and to her husband, Hasidic Musician, of Blog in Dm, who gave me a mention after my previous performance :

“Thursday, February 02, 2006
Blog in Dm's Girls' Night On! correspondent reports that Wednesday's edition was incredible with a SRO crowd. Shira was one of the performers and her performance got great reception, we're told.”

I’m glad I finally got an opportunity to meet the aforementioned “correspondent.” :)

See you in September—if memory serves me correctly, the next "Girls' Night On" is scheduled for September 12.


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